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Please select the training session of your choice and register using the links below.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Stressed Woman

1. Stress Management for Managers

Approvals/Credits: OA   (#ST10085845)

Training Objective: To identify the causes of stress and the effects of stress on the brain, the body and the organization and learn stress management techniques they can practice themselves and teach staff

childrens books

2. Enhanced Story Time for Infants/Toddlers, A Teachers Role

Approvals/Credits: OA (#ST10090765)

Training Objective: Participants will explore a variety of books and discuss story time strategies for interactive, educational and enjoyable book times


3. Emergency Preparedness

Approvals/Credits: ODJFS in service

Training Objective: Participants will learn about individual, home and workplace preparedness in emergency situations

Computer with Graph

4. ASQ-3 Training

Approvals/Credits: OA Pending

Training Objective: Participants will learn the benefits of screening, the features of the ASQ-3, learn to score the ASQ-3 and interpret the cut-off scores and discuss appropriate follow-up 


5. The H.O.N.E.S.T Approach to Challenging Behavior

Approvals/Credits: OA (#ST10092194)

Training Objective: Participants will have opportunities to identify, reflect and share ways to support behavior and make props/aides to use in the classroom to defuse behavior

Science Lab

7. Boom! That Was Cool. Authentic Science for Early Childhood

Approvals/Credits: OA (#ST10092335)

Training Objective: This training will cover what content and skills are appropriate to teach in early childhood and the authentic activities that will teach them.


8. CEOGC Family Service Workers and Home-based Staff

Approvals/Credits: NA

Training Objective: To give department representatives an opportunity to engage with the SAs and share pertinent information, policy review, offer TA, resources, etc

Please Note: This training is for FSW/Home Based Staff Only


9. Ready Rosie Training

Approvals/Credits: ODJFS in service

Training Objective: Explore the Recourses of Ready Rosie and have hands-on training on setting up classrooms, inviting families and seeing all the resources