Web Design & Business Development  

for women ready to launch 

their service-based business


project management. luxury design. operations strategy

I am a boutique designer for coaches, consultants, & creative solopreneurs that focuses its efforts on visually capturing your audience and helping you convert them to clients. We specialize in crafting the custom website presence that works as the project manager you've always wanted on your team

...on autopilot. 

I enhance both the brand and operations strategy of your business by implementing best “backend” practices and the use of free technology platforms.


I am a true creative! As an entrepreneur & self-taught designer, I love to strategize the aesthetic pulse of a brand and the best practice of a business.

Starting with musical roots, I graduated from Spelman College with a bachelor's degree in Music studying voice. Singing has always been a passion and is the thing that my entire family has in common! After ungrad, I went on to study Arts Management, completing my Master's degree at George Mason University.  

My personal journey through entrepreneurship has developed my love and skill for growing a thriving business. Whether big or small, every business should look and run like a fortune 500 company; I have learned that branding is what sets you a part! 

Nothing makes me happier than bringing my clients' ideas to life the same way I have for my own business. 

hello, my name is Angelica Dandridge

"When I came to Angelica, I had the idea for the business and people were reaching out, and I knew I needed a stronger online presence and one space to House my work. Not only did I have beautifully designed website with great attention to detail that I feel represents my brand and quality work, but Angelica also offered specific business advice to me. I recommend Angelica for any entrepreneur who has no idea where to begin, business women who need a strong online presence, or existing businesses that may need a reboot."

Jamilah Pitts


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I often times see entrepreneurs struggle to launch a business that attracts and converts.

Tell me... is this you?

You know you have a business idea you've been journaling about but you don't quite know where to start to get it out to the world. Your current DIY online presence lacks the certain flair needed to position you as the subject matter expert you know you are. 

Even worse, you want to offer your services but you don't know the proper tools to implement in order to effortlessly initiate a client journey that takes them from point A to B. 

let me help you!

My clients learn how to create a high-end experience for their potential clients from conception to completion. Luxury design is not enough; beautiful aesthetics may attract potential clients, but seamless business operations convert clients consistently.


Are you a coach, consultant, or creative entrepreneur?

you have to level up in your design and backend strategy

if you want to convert clients over and over again. 

take a look!

Pages of this portfolio are filled with real-life clients that have trusted the guidance of Dandridge Design Co. to build their business, brand & backend.

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